Ep. 124: Why I will never retire

Season 3 | Episode 121
8m | Jul 16, 2023

In this episode of the Small Business Startup Essentials Podcast, Tom explores the concept of retirement and why he personally has no intention of retiring.

The episode delves into various perspectives on retirement and its meaning, particularly in the context of self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Tom questions what retirement truly entails, raising the point that retirement often involves ceasing formal work and potentially filling one's days with leisure activities.

Drawing from personal experiences, observations of others, and anecdotes, Tom highlights different motivations for not retiring, such as:

  • Financial security and the desire for additional income.
  • Passion for work and the sense of purpose and fulfillment it brings.
  • Continuous professional development and staying relevant in one's field.
  • Social interaction, connections, and networks.
  • Mental stimulation and preventing boredom.

The episode emphasizes that some individuals use their retirement time to start personal projects, like podcasts, that align with their hobbies and interests.

Tom also addresses the fear of the unknown that retirement can bring, with many people uncertain about how to fill their time once formal work concludes.

Why You Should Listen:

This episode offers valuable insights into the multifaceted concept of retirement, particularly as it pertains to entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals.

By sharing personal experiences and observations, Tom provides listeners with different perspectives on retirement and encourages reflection on their own views.

Entrepreneurs and individuals contemplating retirement can benefit from this episode by:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the various motivations behind retirement decisions.
  • Exploring how passion for work and personal projects can shape one's post-retirement activities.
  • Recognizing the importance of social interaction, networks, and continuous learning.
  • Overcoming potential fears and uncertainties associated with retirement.

Listeners are prompted to consider their own thoughts on retirement and its implications, fostering a thought-provoking conversation about work, purpose, and life beyond formal employment.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a professional, or simply curious about the concept of retirement, this episode offers valuable perspectives and insights to think about for your situation.


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