Ep. 136: Interview with PMP Certification Coach, Gabor Stramb: Building an Exit Ramp

Season 1 | Episode 136
41m | Feb 25, 2024

Episode Summary:

Overview: In this engaging podcast episode, the host, Thomas, deviates from his usual format of interviewing individuals who have left the corporate world to start their businesses. Instead, he introduces Gabor Stramb, a program manager from the UK who is in the process of building his exit from his current corporate role in the oil, gas, and telecom industries.

Key Discussion Points:

Gabor's Background and Current Role: Gabor works as a program manager and in his spare time, helps individuals prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. He has developed a significant following through his newsletter, boasting 7,000 subscribers.

Journey to PMP Certification: Gabor discusses his challenging path to obtaining PMP certification, which took three years and multiple attempts. His experience of failing the exam initially and then successfully devising a method to pass within eight weeks has led him to mentor others through his unique approach.

Developing the Side Hustle: The conversation explores how Gabor began his side business unintentionally, which blossomed as he started to teach others how he passed the PMP exam. His approach emphasizes efficiency, promising certification preparation within eight weeks.

Newsletter Growth and Strategy: Gabor elaborates on how he grew his newsletter audience rapidly within a year, highlighting his impressive open rate of 47%. He credits his success to targeted content that resonates with project managers and aligns with professional standards, rather than pursuing a broad, unfocused approach.

Balancing Corporate Life and Side Hustle: Gabor and Thomas discuss the challenges of managing a demanding job and a growing side business, emphasizing the importance of structured time management and strategic planning. Gabor's method involves meticulous scheduling and prioritization, ensuring he maintains balance across his professional and personal life.

Future Plans and Exit Strategy: Looking forward, Gabor shares his aspirations to eventually transition fully from his corporate role to his entrepreneurial venture, aiming to establish himself as a trusted authority in project management. He plans to leverage platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube to expand his influence and subscriber base.

Conclusion: The episode closes with reflections on the personal and professional transformations that come with building a side business. Both speakers share insights on the potential and pitfalls of such endeavors, providing listeners with both inspiration and practical advice on navigating their paths from corporate roles to independent business ownership.

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