Ep. 134: The 3 Systems You Must Have To Get Clients

Season 3 | Episode 134
20m | Jan 14, 2024


In this episode of the Small Business Startup Essentials Podcast, Tom Clairmont dives deep into the vital topic of client acquisition and the essential systems for achieving it. Focused on streamlining processes, Tom shares his insights and personal experiences in incorporating effective systems into his business, aiming to guide listeners toward more efficient client acquisition strategies.

Tom begins by demystifying marketing funnels for newcomers, explaining the "know, like, trust, try, buy" process. He emphasizes the importance of flooding the top of the funnel with targeted prospects to ensure a smoother transition through the funnel stages, detailed by the acronyms TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU. Tom stresses the need for a client attraction system, client conversion system, and client nurturing system, intricately woven into the business's foundation, to facilitate this journey.

Highlighting content creation's critical role in attracting clients, Tom insists on a clear understanding of the target audience to ensure the marketing funnel is filled with qualified prospects. He shares practical tips on website design, leveraging SEO with the Yoast plugin, and optimizing LinkedIn profiles to enhance visibility and attract the right audience.

Tom provides a detailed walkthrough of his strategies for LinkedIn, including profile optimization using Canva Pro, engaging posts, and targeted connection invites based on event participation. He also discusses leveraging webinars, podcasts, and email marketing to funnel potential clients into the engagement process.

As listeners move through the middle part of the funnel, the client conversion system comes into play, aiming to transform observers into potential clients. Tom shares his approach to building trust and authority through complimentary Zoom calls, offering a glimpse into his training program and onboarding process, facilitated by tools like DocuSign to streamline the signup process.

Finally, Tom addresses the client nurturing system, focusing on delivering exceptional value to create "raging fan customers" and encourage referrals, thus bypassing the traditional marketing funnel. He outlines options for clients to engage with his services at various levels, from online training videos to comprehensive training programs, with opportunities for upgrades and continued engagement through monthly retainers.

This episode is not just a guide but a comprehensive blueprint for small business owners and solopreneurs aiming to establish or refine their client acquisition systems. Tom encourages listeners to reach out for his ebook or connect with him directly for more in-depth insights and assistance.


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