Ep. 137: Interview with Career Coach Jacqueline Ndong: Empowering Women Toward Success

Season 1 | Episode 137
46m | Mar 10, 2024


In this episode, Tom Clairmont talks with Jacqueline Ndong, a former corporate support manager at Citrix who transitioned into a career coach based in Milan, Italy.

Jacqueline shares her journey from the corporate world to launching her own business as a career coach specializing in empowering women to achieve professional success.

Key Discussion Points:

1.    Career Background:


2.    Jacqueline recounts her time as a support manager at Citrix, where she excelled in her role but felt limited in opportunities to help her team grow. Despite enjoying her job and achieving success, she experienced a growing dissatisfaction with the corporate restrictions on employee development.


3.    Transition to Entrepreneurship:


4.    Her pivot to career coaching was driven by a desire to focus more on people rather than technical aspects of her job. Jacqueline wanted to assist other women in navigating the challenges she faced in a male-dominated industry. The decision to leave Citrix came after the company underwent a merger, providing her with a natural exit point. She meticulously planned her departure, including financial preparations and leveraging company layoffs to negotiate a favorable exit package.

5.    Building a New Career:

6.    Jacqueline detailed her strategic approach to becoming a career coach, which involved saving money, obtaining necessary certifications, and hiring a coach to guide her transition. This preparation allowed her to leave her corporate job confidently and start her coaching business with a clear focus on aiding professional women.

7.    Challenges and Adjustments:

8.    Starting a new business brought challenges, including managing work-life balance and overcoming self-doubt. Jacqueline emphasizes the importance of having a support system, particularly highlighting the support from her husband, which was crucial during her transition and ongoing entrepreneurial journey.

9.    Advice for Others:

10. For those contemplating a similar move, Jacqueline advises thorough self-assessment to understand personal motivations and unhappiness in current roles. She stresses the importance of planning and not rushing the transition, highlighting that understanding one’s strengths and having a financial safety net are vital.


Jacqueline’s story is a testament to the power of strategic planning and the pursuit of passion. Her experience underscores the importance of preparing both financially and emotionally for significant career changes and the value of support systems in navigating such transitions.

Her journey from a successful corporate manager to a fulfilled career coach offers valuable insights for anyone looking to make a similar shift.

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