Ep. 130: What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

Season 3 | Episode 127
10m | Oct 24, 2023

In this episode, Tom Clairmont reflects on being 60 years old and facing the timeless struggle of having numerous ideas and dreams but limited time and focus to pursue them.

He recounts a recent conversation with an old coach who shared similar struggles. Living in a land of opportunities and embracing capitalism can lead to the belief that success in one area can lead to success in all areas, which isn't necessarily true.

Tom discusses the overwhelming influx of creative ideas and the challenges of being a solo entrepreneur with limited hours in a day. They touch on the fear of missing out when witnessing others' success in different areas.

Tom emphasizes the importance of strategic prioritization, taming the creative mind, and focusing on one venture at a time while keeping other ideas in a journal for future exploration.

He encourages listeners to enjoy the journey, recognize that success goes beyond wealth, embrace patience, and stay open to new opportunities. The key takeaway is that mastering one venture before moving to the next is often the path to genuine success and life fulfillment.


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