Ep. 129: You have the vision: Now what?

Season 3 | Episode 125
11m | Aug 27, 2023

We're talking about the crucial first step in building your online business foundation: having a clear vision. But you know what's equally important? Turning that vision into a reality.

Why This Information Is So Important:

Look, starting a business can be thrilling, but it's also packed with challenges, especially when you're taking the plunge later in life. Your vision is like your guiding star, but transforming it into a workable plan can feel like navigating uncharted waters. That's why this episode matters.

Why You Should Absolutely Tune In:

Setting Clear Goals: You'll discover why it's essential to break those big, audacious goals into manageable steps. I'll share how to prioritize them and even add a bit of urgency to keep you on track. Trust me; this can make all the difference.

Overcoming Procrastination and Distraction: Who hasn't battled procrastination and distractions? I've been there too. I'll reveal some strategies to tackle these productivity killers head-on so you can stay focused and get things done.

Lack of Planning: Planning is your roadmap to success. But not just any plan; it needs structure. I'll talk about why having daily and weekly goals, plus a to-do list that's actually doable, is crucial. Keeping it simple is my mantra, and I'll explain why.

Information Overload: We're in the age of information overload. I recently did a little test with Google, and trust me, it can get overwhelming. I'll share how to cut through the noise, find reliable info, and avoid drowning in data.

Maintaining Motivation: Let's face it, motivation can be sky-high when you start, but it often fizzles out. I'll talk about finding your "why" and keeping that fire burning, even when the going gets tough. It's all about visualizing your success.

So, if you're thinking about launching a business, especially if you're a bit further down the road of life, this episode is your go-to guide. It's packed with real-world advice and solutions to help you navigate the tricky terrain of turning your vision into a thriving reality. Don't miss it!


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