Ep. 126: This is the time and you are the person

Season 3 | Episode 121
8m | Aug 6, 2023

In this powerful podcast episode, Tom passionately addresses the common barriers that hold people back from pursuing their dreams and taking action.

He urges listeners to overcome the habit of waiting for the "right" conditions, such as the perfect time or economy, and instead emphasizes the significance of embracing the present moment.

Tom explores the negative 'what if' thoughts that often plague individuals, such as fear of failure and lack of support, and provides practical insights on how to shift towards a more positive mindset.

By challenging listeners to be their own biggest fans and advocates, Tom empowers them to break free from self-doubt and gain the confidence needed to take decisive steps towards their goals.

The episode is especially important to listen to because it highlights the value of individual uniqueness and the importance of sharing one's experiences, expertise, and talents with the world.

Tom emphasizes that there is no need to compare oneself to others, as each person possesses something special to contribute.

Furthermore, Tom emphasizes the sense of urgency in taking action, given the increasingly chaotic state of the world. He encourages listeners to step up, speak out, and make a positive impact, even if they don't feel fully prepared or confident.

The message is clear: the time to start is now, and there is an abundance of resources and support available to help individuals along their journey.

In conclusion, this episode serves as a powerful motivational call-to-action, inspiring listeners to shed their inhibitions, embrace their unique abilities, and start making a difference in their lives and the world around them.

It instills a sense of empowerment, reminding listeners that they have the capability to achieve their aspirations and contribute meaningfully to society.


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