Ep. 138: Interview with Business Guide Susan Shier

Season 3 | Episode 138
32m | Mar 31, 2024


In this episode, Tom Clairmont talks with Susan Shier, founder of Shier Impact, which focuses on back office administration and organization for small businesses. With a career spanning nearly four decades in administrative roles, Susan shares her journey from working in large corporations like IBM and Hewlett Packard to launching her own venture that helps business owners streamline their operations.

Key Discussion Points:

Background and Experience: Susan details her extensive background in administrative roles within major corporations. Her career is marked by a passion for creating order from chaos, which she has seamlessly transitioned into her own business, leveraging her skills to provide clarity and structure for small businesses.

Transition to Entrepreneurship: The pivotal moment in Susan's career came when she was laid off from Hewlett Packard. This setback prompted her to reevaluate her career path and consider entrepreneurship. Initially, Susan took on small, part-time jobs to make ends meet, which eventually illuminated the potential of turning her skill set into a full-time business.

Business Evolution: Susan's business, initially named "Peace of Mind Assistance," started with a focus on lifestyle management but eventually shifted back to her roots in administrative work. She discusses the evolution of her services and the realization that her core competencies in back office tasks were most valuable to her clients.

Challenges and Adjustments: Navigating the shift from employee to business owner was not without challenges. Susan discusses the mental and emotional hurdles she faced, including dealing with depression and anxiety. The support from a life coach and a strong personal network helped her gain the confidence needed to push her business forward.

Future Plans: Looking ahead, Susan is content with the current scale of her business but is open to developing digital products to reach a broader audience. Her goal is to continue providing high-level executive assistance while possibly expanding her educational offerings through online courses.

Conclusion: Susan Shier's story is a testament to the resilience and adaptability required to transition from a traditional corporate role to entrepreneurship. Her journey underscores the importance of leveraging personal strengths and experiences to fill a niche in the market, providing valuable insights for anyone considering a similar path.

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