Ep. 132: How I've been using AI for my business

Season 3 | Episode 129
15m | Dec 1, 2023

In this episode, your host, Tom Clairmont, explores the challenges of being a solopreneur and the constant quest for making business operations easier without compromising quality. Tom introduces a lead magnet he created called "The Tools We Use," which provides valuable insights into online tools he personally uses in the business startup process.

Tom acknowledges the perpetual need for new tools, especially in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI. He shares his recent experiences with using Chat GPT, highlighting how it's become an indispensable tool for generating content and fulfilling various roles within his business.

Tom goes on to discuss specific scenarios in which he has utilized Chat GPT. From transforming podcast transcripts into engaging summaries to crafting website content, generating lead magnet ideas, and even exploring children's book concepts, Tom showcases the versatile applications of AI-powered content generation.

Additionally, he emphasizes the growing role of virtual assistants, made more efficient by AI tools, in small businesses. Tom encourages listeners to leverage these technologies to streamline their operations and enhance productivity.

Throughout the episode, Tom emphasizes the importance of embracing AI tools, such as Chat GPT, as valuable resources to simplify and enhance business processes. He invites listeners to share their own experiences and questions related to AI tools by emailing him at

As the episode concludes, Tom leaves his audience with a sense of empowerment, reinforcing that AI is a valuable ally in the entrepreneurial journey, simplifying tasks and expanding possibilities.


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