Ep. 125: Why doing things the 'right' way may be bad advice

Season 3 | Episode 122
14m | Jul 30, 2023

In this podcast episode, Tom delves into the challenges faced by new entrepreneurs when seeking advice from various sources in today's information age.

He highlights the diversity of perspectives and the lack of a one-size-fits-all formula for success. Tom emphasizes the importance of trying different approaches and learning from failures, as well as the subjectivity of what constitutes the "right way" to do things.

Tom discusses the allure of high-priced online marketing tools and platforms, citing examples like Kajabi, Hubspot, and Clickfunnels.

He acknowledges their potential benefits but cautions against diving in without a solid foundation, as many entrepreneurs may not be fully prepared to use these tools effectively from the start.

The episode offers a low-budget alternative for entrepreneurs interested in marketing their products or services. Tom advocates for setting up a landing page through MailerLite, a cost-effective option that includes email integration.

He underscores the importance of putting in the work, whether through a self-driven process or with the assistance of others, to achieve success.

Listeners are encouraged to take a slow and steady approach, as Tom draws from his over two decades of business experience. He emphasizes the value of patience, dedication, and the willingness to learn, offering guidance to those who are looking to navigate the entrepreneurial journey with careful consideration and practicality.

Why You Should Listen:

This episode is essential for aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking advice on starting a business and navigating the complex world of online marketing tools. Tom's insights shed light on the potential pitfalls of rushing into expensive platforms without a solid plan in place.

By sharing his perspective on taking a calculated and budget-friendly approach, Tom empowers listeners to make informed decisions, build a strong foundation, and avoid potential financial risks.

The episode provides valuable guidance for individuals who want to embrace a methodical and sustainable path to success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.


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