Ep. 122: Wanting Less

Season 3 | Episode 119
8m | Jul 2, 2023

Welcome back to another thought-provoking episode of the Small Business Startup Essentials Podcast.

This episode's title, 'Wanting Less,' might seem contradictory to the recent episode titled 'Wanting More,' which discussed the benefits of achieving greater financial success and using wealth for societal good.

However, in this episode, titled 'Wanting Less,' Tom delves into a different perspective – the mindset of simplification and the advantages of desiring a simpler, less cluttered lifestyle.

Tom explores the concept of wanting less and how it applies to the entrepreneurial journey. He emphasizes that 'Wanting Less' isn't about financial gain but about embracing a minimalist approach to business and life.

The episode focuses on decluttering both physical and mental spaces, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on what truly matters and find clarity amidst distractions.

While running a business offers excitement, it also presents challenges, including the potential for distractions. Tom acknowledges the temptation to expand and hire more staff as a business grows, but he shares his personal belief that simplicity is key to happiness.

Maintaining Solopreneurship and incorporating streamlined processes and systems can provide freedom and flexibility without unnecessary burdens.

Tom guides listeners through striking a balance between building a business and keeping operations lean. He encourages entrepreneurs to embrace systems and procedures to optimize limited time and resources, ensuring efficient task management.

The episode underscores the importance of learning to say no to distractions that do not contribute to the core function of the business.

Why You Should Listen:

This episode offers a refreshing perspective on entrepreneurship and business growth – the notion of wanting less to achieve more.

Tom's insights shed light on the benefits of a minimalist mindset, emphasizing simplicity and intentional decision-making.

Listeners stand to gain:

  • An alternative viewpoint on success, focusing on balance and core functions.
  • Practical strategies for simplifying business operations without sacrificing growth.
  • Guidance on setting up systems and processes to optimize time and resources.
  • Inspiration to reassess priorities, say no to distractions, and stay true to the ultimate goal.

Entrepreneurs seeking to enhance efficiency, reduce stress, and maintain a healthy work-life balance will find valuable takeaways in this episode.

Tom's perspective encourages a mindful approach to business, offering a path towards success through intentional decision-making and a minimalist mindset.

Well friend, I really enjoy hearing from you. It’s encouraging to hear how this Show is making a difference in people’s lives. If you haven’t reached out to me yet, I’d really like to hear from you too. 



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