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Sleepless Dystopian

Welcome to Sleepless Dystopian home of writer Sam I Am / The Mentalist Poet where we attempt to make sense of the world through prose, satire, art, mentalism, opinion, and debate pulling apart the choice architectures of coercive manipulation and control.


This thing we’re building
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sometimes it goes the other way too’
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lost. Even to ourselves. Until we expire.
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The Russian Information War – where do we begin?
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You are not your thoughts - Sleepless Dystopian Podcast
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Sleepless Dystopian Podcast - Online Safety Bill
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Sleepless Dystopian - new podcast
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This life
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Gaslighting the public - response
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Cult of Conspiracy
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A world stuck in its own shadow
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Look into the mirror
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Step Inside
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Alternative Truth
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