Look into the mirror

8m | Mar 6, 2021

Look into your mirror, if you dare, take a good look at yourself, are you who you wanted to become? Or are you a shell of your former dreams? You can feel it can’t you? It’s a gnawing at the base of your skull. Always there, always gnawing away bit by bit devouring what dreams once lay beneath. 

Look into your eyes. Directly into your own eyes and breathe. Take a deep breath in and fill your lungs right down to your abdomen. Keep staring into your own eyes. Don’t look away. And breathe out slowly. Feel the energy rise up your body. From your toes to the base of your feet. Up through your lower legs, up through your thighs, you groin, ass and hips, up to the base of your spine and hold it there. Keep staring into your eyes and breath in deeply and then on your out breath let the energy rise into the base of your spine and your lower abdomen. Rising slowly up the spine and into your chest space and breathe. Keep staring into your own eyes, you may feel a little light head and dizzy but keep eye contact with yourself, keep looking for what is inside, who is that staring back at you? Not the shell or the ego but the person behind the shell. Breathe in. Let the energy fill your hearth space and connect fully with your heart, you can feel, can’t you? That connection between the energy centre in your gut and your heart. Hold that feeling and keep focused on keeping eye contact with whatever entity is now looking back at you. And breathe. 

Take another deep breath in and let the energy rise up into your shoulders and arms, down your biceps and forearms, into your hands and fingers, you feel it don’t  you, let the energy flow through back up into your throat area and the base of your neck in up the spine. You can feel it can’t you, more vividly than before. You can feel that gnawing right at that point at the base of your skull, the gnawing doubt of realisation that you might never become the person you wished to be. Breathe in and watch that energy rise up into your head. 

Feel the energy rise up into your chin and the back and centre of your head at the same time, as if your skull was filling with water, and breathe, keep looking into those eyes. Its looking back at you, whatever it is, it sees you and you see it. The energy continues upwards at the back and centre of your head and over your lips, you feel it in your tongue, your teeth and up into your nose. The front of your face. Your cheeks, your lower sagging and tired eyelids, you let out a big, tired sigh until the energy seeps up into your eye line, into your eyeballs that feel dry, now the energy is sat right back at the very windows from which you see into your soul and within which you have connected with this entity that is calmly observing you becoming aware of it. The energy rises. 

It reaches the spot on your forehead just between your eyes. The spot where they say the third eye remains. You feel the energy there and the connection. You become aware of the energy centres of your heart and your gut have become more alive and connected to that spot. You place your left hand on your heart and your right on your stomach and breath. Breath in deep that connection, you feel centred and connected. Your deep connection with that thing that sit behind your eyes moves into a new space of knowing and you breathe.

You rest in that spot of the longest while and then…. you let than energy rise up filling the rest of your head until it reaches the peak, the very top of your head and your consciousness. You take a deep breath and hold it as the energy reaches the tip of your head, your very highest peak and you hold that breath you feel a little light headed but still you hold that breath until you can hold it no more and you let go, you breath out a big long breath and you feel the release from your entire body as it softens and relaxes and all the time keeping eye contact a sense of relief and relaxation comes over you as you realise that the entity that is looking back at you is you, not the ego and the constant chatter that thinks it is you but the real you, the universal life source connected to all energy that is experiencing itself as you and you accept it and connect with it. And you realise that that gnawing at the base of your skull is subsiding, it is fading away and it was not your egoic false connection to perceived failure but a growing need to connect to the real you, the observer behind the eyes, behind the egoic mind, the observer that watches and connect us to something greater. The one who sits in quiet judgement of us, who knows what is truly good and what is not, who knows if we are living the best lives we can be, who knows more than any words could convey who you really are. Now I will leave you in peace to get to know each other.

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