sometimes it goes the other way too’

4m | Aug 15, 2022

people say they are going to go dark and they don’t mean it

they say they are disconnecting, going off-grid but it is all just utter bullshit

and I am no different

I mean clearly look at me typing into a computer to write a post on my website to share on social media in the vain hope that someone might be in some way touched by it

Narcissist that I am

But I would love to be a painter

A sculptor

For then I would not touch high definition

As I would be touching on life

So, I would like to go off-grid

Buy some woodland

Live off the land

And be a good neighbour and caretaker to all the beings that live within it

Grow my own food

But only some of this will happen and not in the rose-tinted way I would like them to

And some things won’t happen at all

And I will have to be okay with that

Because one day we all go

You will go, I will go, everyone will go from this world into another

And we are so tied to this one that that process can be painful

And can break our heart

So let it

It’s meant to

Don’t be fooled by the Hollywood bullshit endings

There are no great speeches

There are no grand finales

And certainly, no encore for the likes of you and me

Not this time

so, living off the land sounds nice

and we should all give it a go

or at least die trying

but in harmony with it, not the other way

a million fucked up consciousness club together to buy a second-hand car

and then drove it through your mall

and the worst thing is you saw it coming, all along, and you were too paralyzed with fear about your own incompetence that it came true

well, that’s the way it goes junior

but remember what the film said


And then the line died,` and with it the party


Photo by James Frid:

Written and read by Sam I am from

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