Cult of Conspiracy

7m | Mar 6, 2021

The cult of conspiracy ravages within the echo cambers of social media. Painting the wall monochrome with the blood of the naysayer. Leaving the stale scent of resentment for all that do not believe. 

A warning sign for all that should doubt, with the head of John the Baptist placed out front with a spike shafted up through his neck and out through his left eyeball. 

The crime? He wasn’t an anti vaxer, he was a baptiser of tax collectors, working for a higher cause of course. 

People have become too lazy to do the real work, to dig a little deeper than the meme. To find out the real cause or source of the information they spew forth, like, share and use to justify the hatred and bile that envelopes them. 

To find out where the real conspiracy lies whilst they promote Russian filled disinformation, misinformation and make the news seem fake.

Grasping at every straw to suit their world view. To try and make sense of the senseless. And normalise abnormalities. “The numbers are fake” they cry “it is no more deadly than the flu”, “They are trying to bring down the economy and enforce sodomy on the young.”

When was it that conspiracy theory became mainstream? When did the theorist move from sweat filled darkened rooms, with news paper clippings connected by bits of string on every wall, or maybe that was just the movies? 

When will people realise that the real conspiracy is the conspiracy theories themselves that point people in the wrong direction whilst data-driven disco kings dance across their timelines. 

Critical thinking, becomes less critical. No need to study and learn when you are reposting and how it sits within the world when universities are filled with communists looking to force gender specific pronouns on you, whether you want them or not. 

Everything is a lie. 

Everything is fake. 

Everything is driven by greed. Well no shit Sherlock. 

If conspiracy is the rich conspiring to make themselves and their friends richer, then yes conspiracies are everywhere. Or that is just business a usual. 

But what about the deep state? What about the illuminati? You don’t hear too much about them anymore. Why not? 

Don’t get me wrong I like and will entertain a good conspiracy theory. But at the moment people seem to be grasping at straws. Aligning with badly thought out theories with very little substance behind them. 

They are easy to pick apart. But be wary, when you do expect the wrath of the theorist to turn on you and name you part of the “problem”. 

Watch you don’t find yourself cancelled.

But why I hear you proclaim have they become so popular. 

The cult of conspiracy needs cult leaders. And they have found a way to monetise hate and generate a star following by spewing forth bilge in disguise as insight. 

Watch closely my friend and see who is getting rich off the theory. Who is dinning out on your dime whilst you throw yourself into the firing line of yet another ill throughout out meme war?

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