This thing we’re building

2m | Aug 20, 2022


This thing we’re creating, it’s not natural but it comes from it. At least we used to be. Now we are part robot. And we don’t mind it.

In fact

We love it.

We get withdrawals if we are moments away from it.

This thing we’re building. It is not natural. It will suck the life out of everything and keep going.

I would tell you to watch, but you won’t miss a second. You’ll click replay.

Because that’s what you like. And they know it. They knew it before you did, and that is the scary thing.

At least it should be.

But you don’t seem bothered.

You never really do. As long as you can get your rocks off. And play your role. It’s panto. And your happy.

And so am i.

If I don’t engage, I am shunted. If I do, I am de-framed.

So, I do. But I don’t. but I so do at times. We all do. There is no point denying it, when we don’t, for the longest while, we find contemplation. And things growing we never noticed before. And then we reach out for it, its all over again.

They paint algorithms with our lives so that we live on eternal.

And we wonder why mother has left the building.

She might not be going for a pack of cigarettes this time. And we know we are right. But we are easily distracted and hypnotised by machines.

I am robot.

Photo by Alex Knight:

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