Alternative Truth

5m | Mar 6, 2021

In a world where reality is subjective and fake truths out way facts what can you believe?

You spend your days downloading digital delusion and confusion and fear is all you see. The world looked a little different yesterday, or so you think. But how do you know what reality is anyway when alternative facts ring inside your head. 

Everyone has a theory. And those that deny the connections you see are either part of the problem or living in a world on constructed reality. Controlled by the media and the government propaganda but all the way through you have had the ability to see the truth through the lies, haven’t you? Even when you were small?

You could always read between the lines even when there weren’t any words on the page. And now you see it for what it is. The others are just sheep. The madding crowds flock to their masters will and do not leave their homes. They obey. Prisoners to the story. Prisoners to the spin. 

The others they wear their masks, but you see right through them. They hide their smiles as the authorities have demanded. And when basic supplies look like they might be going short they panic. But not you. You have been waiting for this day for a long time. You have been preparing, planning, waiting. 

They fall in line. But you walk to a different beat. You tread your own path. You don’t hide behind your government legislated masks. You stand out whilst trying to blend in a not alert the authorities. You are special. You were sent here to speak the alternative truth, and this is your destiny, you’re meaning. And you spoke it didn’t you. 

You spoke out against the rules and regulation, you caused a fuss. You refused to wear the masks, to keep the distance, to stay at home, and when the protection was offered, you refused that injection because you didn’t want that chip in your shoulder. You didn’t want the government to know what you were up to, to monitor your movements and your thoughts and so you told your world about it on Facebook and YouTube via your smart phone and your bubble grew, your echo chamber reverberated. But the government knew more from that phone than you ever realised and no chip in your shoulder could ever compare with what they knew about you. You were paranoid you were being watched, because you was, by the algorithms.

And now, as you lie on your hospital bed, grasping at and gasping for breath, you are certain you know what truth is, now. What reality looks like. And you realise the biggest conspiracy you uncovered in all of your searching and research and digging online was the conspiracy that showed itself in this moment. The conspiracy to shroud the truth in enough doubt that you believed the lies that you spread over that what lay in front of your eyes.

And with your last breaths you realise your purpose, you reach for your phone, you Go Live and announce to all that are watching, all of your followers that it is not fake, that this disease is true, that people are dying of it and you are one of them, but as you do you see your follower, you friends in your echo chamber, you see them dislike, give the angry face and come back at you. Calling you a mole, an inside agent of lies and propaganda, you have been denounced and shunned by your cult of conspiracy for daring to do that one thing you must never do, confuse reality with alternative truth, you let reality slip in, and as you realise with your last breath your destiny, your life purpose and meaning to dismantle this cult of confusion you realise it’s too late and it slips away from you without a sound.

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