This life

1m | Sep 12, 2021

This life

This life, this life it hurts and sometimes 

Sometimes the people make it worst

Chasing, chasing words away 

Chasing, I wish the words would stay 

And inspire me 

to find something else to do 

And inspire me 

to do something like you 

But this life is what they put me through, they said

Know your place son

And get your homework done

Learn the system of success 

Don’t give in to sin, lest you will confess 

This life 

This life sucks out your soul 

All pain, no angst no rock n roll

Left dying on the road 

History let’s your mind explode 

This life will never let you rest

This life will beat you at your best 

This life, this life is a struggle from the start

Lost in confusion of the heart 

This life is all that’s left to give 

This life is all I have to live 


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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