S3E3 Pride Podcast Special on LGBTQ Misconceptions, Future Hopes & Allyship (Part 2)

1h 6m | Aug 16, 2021

In Part 2 of Seek to Speak's Pride Podcast Special, we will be exploring and most importantly, debunking popular myths and misconceptions around LGBTQ persons. We will be exploring the hopes that local queer communities have for the future and their message to young LGBTQ youths. We will end this episode on allyship, how you can help and what you can meaningfully do to move the needle. We'll hear from local queer advocates, individuals, and just generally brave souls who have decided to share their stories today.

We hope to build a connection through these stories, and in the process, build awareness and create empathy between our local communities. While we do not claim that the views shared here are representative of the wider LGBTQ experience in Malaysia, the stories here are true and real to the people who shared them.

Here is a trigger and content warning on what we will discuss today, which does touch on issues surrounding LGBTQ discrimination, common misinformation on queer folk, and a discussion on mental health, and in particular, conversion therapy. Should you find this type of content triggering, please don't listen to this episode and come back when or if you're ready.

We invite you, our listeners, to keep an open mind and encourage you to talk about these issues in a meaningful and productive way. Remember, It takes a lot of courage for the people on this episode to come out and tell their stories, so we hope you feel as deeply as we do when we heard them. Seek to Speak values compassion, tolerance, and respect, and we hope that since you're listening to this episode, that you share the same values as well. Please remember the quote by Lord Shaftesbury which reads. “Prejudice is a mist, which in our journey through the world often dims the brightest and obscures the best of all the good and glorious objects that meet us on our way.” 

Thank you to all the people and personalities who shared their views for this episode:

1) Ken & Justice from PLUHO

2) Mitch of SEED Foundation

3) Li of Tabung Pelangi

4) Kumela Kumslut

5) G

6) Miemo

7) Kimchi

8) Raj

9) Anonymous story submissions

10) S2S Community Members: Abigail, Samantha, Priya, Alana, Mindy, and Jaspreet.

About PLUHO & BlueBird

PLUHO, or People Like Us Hang Out!, is an LGBTQ-inclusive organisation focused on community building, service delivery and empowerment in Malaysia. Since its founding in 2016, PLUHO has grown from a loose social collective of queer activists to a registered organisation running a number of projects on HIV & sexual health, LGBTQ mental health (‘the BlueBird project’), a community-run shelter (‘Rumah Angkat’), and various community engagement events.

The BlueBird project is a mental health referral service based in Malaysia that is queer-affirming, inclusive, and open to all LGBTQ individuals who seek sustainable mental health treatment. As of June 2021, BlueBird has served more than 80 LGBTQ individuals who submitted enquiries seeking peer support and recommendations for therapy.

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Recommended places or resources for queer-affirming support (Compiled by PLUHO)

Resources & training

Free and accessible resources about common mental health issues, including worksheets and guides on how to take better care of ourselves and others:

Sign up for Psychological First Aid (PFA) training, or learn about it online. PFA isn't therapy, it's a set of techniques anyone can practice for helping people experiencing a crisis. It focuses on helping them feel safe, connected to others, calm and hopeful, and be able to access physical, emotional, and social support.

An overview:

For emergencies:


  • Befrienders: 03-7627 2929
  • Women's Aid Organisation: 03-3000 8858 (call) / 018 988 8058 (SMS, WhatsApp)

If you are dealing with thoughts or feelings of harming yourself or others, we would advise that you go to the emergency (A&E) department of a general hospital, ask to see a psychiatrist and tell them your situation. The psychiatrist will assess your situations and needs, and assist you accordingly. Hospital emergency staff are generally equipped to deal with this.

Effective allyship:

Check out Queer Lapis's resources on SOGIESC (sexual orientation, gender identity & expression, sexual characteristics):

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