S3E11 Mental Health Special 3: Breaking the Stigma - Deconstructing Common Mental Health Myths and Misconceptions (Feat Community Members and Noelle of the Kindermind Centre)

32m | Oct 12, 2021

In conjunction with World Mental Health Day which happened over the weekend, Seek to Speak is presenting a 4-part podcast special dedicated to normalizing conversations about mental health. In part 3 today, you will be hearing from 4 community members talking about their experience with common mental health myths and misconceptions, as well as stereotypes.

This is a trigger warning as the episode will touch on issues surrounding mental health stereotypes, self-harm, and stigma. In this episode, our community members will discuss their difficulties with diagnosis and getting the right help for their medical condition due to ongoing misconceptions that people have about mental health, and how these stereotypes harm more than it helps. They also discuss how to better respond to loved ones sharing their struggles as well as how to live with a mental illness. As usual, this episode should not be taken as medical advice and you should still consult your own mental health care provider for help.

Over the weekend, we also held a Women with Words meeting on the theme, Mindfulness, in order to teach our girls to be more resilient and ready to face the daily stresses and anxieties that life throws at them. Our guest speaker, a mindfulness teacher and practitioner, Noelle Lim, founder of the Kindermind Centre, not only shared valuable insights on how to be more mindful but also guided us through a short meditation practice during the session. We thought it would be fitting to end this episode by reproducing this mindfulness practice to help center ourselves and be more present in the moment. We hope you learn from the views shared by our brave community members as well as heal from the short 8 min mindfulness practice with Noelle at the end of this episode.

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