#KisahKita Special [Part 1] - Malaysian women and girls share their stories on Equity

40m | Mar 12, 2023

In this International Women’s Day special, we are celebrating the stories and experiences shared by all of you during our KisahKita short story competition with the theme, Embrace Equity. We received 43 entries from women and girls hailing from 10 different states with the youngest being 11 years old and the eldest being 54. We cherish the diversity in these stories they have been such a joy to read, compile and produced. 

In part 1 of this Special, you will listen to 10 stories, 2 of which were written in Malay, and 7 of which were submitted anonymously, touching on issues ranging from workplace discrimination, gender bias in schools, and generational trauma.


  1. Ashwinee Rvan Ravindran - Just like you
  2. Missdhani - Gender Norms
  3. Nur Farah Diana Binti Affnininirwandi - Sexual Harassment Survivor
  4. Nia - Aireen Zafhira
  5. KitKat - Workplace Discrimination
  6. Valkie - Family Dynamics
  7. Sorrowful Student - Girls in Leadership
  8. Iman - Generation Gap
  9. Kris - Adakah ini salah wanita juga?
  10. Jananie Chandrarao - Down with the wooden fence

Just a quick trigger warning that the stories shared here do touch on themes concerning gender discrimination, victim blaming, bullying, rape, child marriage, and sexual harassment. Should you find this type of content triggering, please stop now and come back when or if you're ready.

In the meantime, don’t forget to celebrate women everywhere today and continue to #EmbraceEquity. Let’s keep fighting the good fight and champion women together.

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