S3E13 Halloween Special - My Spooky Story / Cerita Hantu Malaysia (Part 1)

28m | Oct 26, 2021

Welcome to Part 1 of our cerita hantu special in conjunction with Halloween, which is happening on the 31st of October. You are about to hear from 6 real people telling you about their spooky encounters with the unknown. From a near-death experience to house hauntings to an unearthly possession. All 6 of these individuals swear by the things they had seen or felt, and I hope you feel a bit of their fear and horror as they tell you their stories.

Be sure to tune in to Part 2 next week to hear more Malaysian spooky tales. Until then, enjoy. 

Stories by:

  • I almost died - Arianna
  • Sekolah Asrama - Zul
  • Library Possession - Alison
  • I can't Move - Aiman
  • What was that? - Aifa
  • New house, new visitors - Ikram

Music from Dirges of the Undead:

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