S3E17 Malaysian Speaking Fails 2 - Jokes about rape? MPs debate challenge? Drinking women in parliament? (With Mas, Vishal, and Aissa)

1h 7m | Nov 24, 2021

The final episode of the season welcomes back our community members discussing Malaysia's biggest speaking fails! Why do we keep joking about rape? What happens when a member of parliament challenged another to a debate? What do we do about religious sensitivities?

Here, we discuss 3 recent speaking fails and deconstruct what happened, why did it happen and what do we do from here. We also provide our views on other speaking fails that did not quite make the list but were worth mentioning.

Speaking fails discussed:

Segment 1: Actor and hosts jokes about a movie rape scene on national television. Who is to blame? Who should be accountable?

Segment 2: Member of parliament in the sitting government challenges an opposition member to a debate on the cabotage policy. Is this a good thing? Do people care?

Segment 3: Locally produced, award-winning whiskey brand name enrages many quarters of society and politicians are quick to respond. What precedent does this set? Are they justified in their reaction?

Bonus lightning round discussion:

1) Lahabau Melaka, let's vote! Misguided use of slang.

2) Communications minister tweets on future video quality. But 1080p already exists?

3) Harassment of a journalist by PAS leaders. Why attack my family and the language I use?

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