DEMI GADIS Special [Part 1] - Empowering Essays by women in Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia

46m | May 1, 2024

Empowering Voices: Essays on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment from women in Malaysia

In this special episode of Seek to Speak, we celebrate International Women's Day by sharing six essays from the Demi Gadis Creative Writing Competition. The essays, written by emarkable women, explore themes of gender equality, women's empowerment, and societal challenges, offering a deep and thought-provoking look into the diverse experiences and insights of women from different backgrounds.

  1. Healing from Trauma by Chero: Chero recounts a survivor's journey, confronting societal constructs that perpetuate victim-blaming and finding empowerment in reclaiming her voice.
  2. Women's Struggles in Palestine by Nur Syariha: Nur Syariha Binti Masri reflects on the challenges faced by Palestinian women, highlighting their resilience and the need for support and empowerment.
  3. Traditional Gender Roles by Kheerthana: Kheerthana explores the realities of gender roles in different cultures, including the expectations placed on women in families and the societal norms that perpetuate inequality.
  4. Overcoming Societal Pressure by Mireverie: Mireverie's story demonstrates a woman's journey in breaking free from societal expectations, pursuing her own path, and finding self-empowerment through entrepreneurship, travel, and independence.
  5. Cultural Expectations and Duties by Puteri Nur: Puteri Nur's essay explores how cultural norms affect gender roles and how these pressures can be confronted and navigated.
  6. A Tale of Independence by Ashwini Ravan: Ashwini Ravan highlights the journey of a woman striving to break free from societal molds, embracing her independence, and achieving financial stability through entrepreneurship.

Thank you to our volunteers who help voice the wonderful stories of authors, Ayuni, Casadra, Sunitha, Athirah, Li-Wei and Sharon.

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