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Our Prophet: His Life, His Struggle, His Message

Thaqlain, in collaboration with Al-Hujjah Islamic Seminary, presents "Our Prophet", a comprehensive, informative and engaging series featuring Sayed Mohammed Baqer al-Qazwini.

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Ep 153: Road to Uhud: Abdullah ibn Ubayy Develops Differences and Betrays Muslims | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 28s
Ep 152: Road to Uhud: How A Jew Convinced Meccans To Attack Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 26s
Ep 151: Death of Ruqayyah: Why Prophet Forbade Uthman From Attending Her Burial? | #OurProphet
Show Details27min 47s
Ep 150: Abu Sufyan's Desperate Attack & The Raid on Ghatafan | #OurProphet
Show Details17min 12s
Ep 149: Jewish Cold War and The Exile of Banu Qaynuqa | #OurProphet
Show Details13min 4s
Ep 148: The Origin and Legacy of the Zulfiqar Sword | #OurProphet
Show Details9min 56s
Ep 147: Post Badr: Rise of Abu Sufyan and the Thirst for Revenge | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 49s
Ep 146: Aftermath of Badr: Did the Prophet Order the Killing of 2 Prisoners | #OurProphet
Show Details8min 2s
Ep 145: Aftermath of Badr: How did the Muslims treat the Prisoners of War? | #OurProphet
Show Details26min 6s
Ep 144: Aftermath of Badr: Muslims Dispute Over The Spoils of War | #OurProphet
Show Details5min 32s
Ep 143: Aftermath of Badr: Prophet Addresses Dead Pagan Bodies | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 29s
Ep 142: Battle of Badr: How Abu Jahl and Omayya Ibn Khalaf Were Killed | #OurProphet
Show Details10min 27s
Ep 141: Battle of Badr: How the Prophet Led Muslims to the Victory | #OurProphet
Show Details8min 45s
Ep 140: Battle of Badr: Angels and Iblis Enter the Battlefield | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 49s
Ep 139: Battle of Badr: The First Round of Combat | #OurProphet
Show Details13min 54s
Ep 138: Camping at Badr: Did the Prophet Make a Military Mistake? | #OurProphet
Show Details13min 55s
Ep 137: Day of Badr: Umayr ibn Wahb Describes Muslim Army | #OurProphet
Show Details11min 20s
Ep 136: Night Before Badr: 3-Things That Made 17th Ramadan Special | #OurProphet
Show Details9min 11s
Ep 135: Before Badr: Prophet Mobilizes Muslims For Their First Battle | #OurProphet
Show Details17min 37s
Ep 134: Quraysh Leaders At Badr & Did Banu Hashim Join Them? | #OurProphet
Show Details22min 18s
Ep 133: Muslims at Badr: In Pursuit of Abu Sufyan's Caravan | #OurProphet
Show Details19min 45s
Ep 132: The Issue of Apostasy in Islam and the Ridda Wars | #OurProphet
Show Details24min 42s
Ep 131: Raid on Nakhla: When Muslims Killed A Pagan | #OurProphet
Show Details19min 46s
Ep 130: Dhul Ushayra: The Ghazwa in which Imam Ali was called 'Abu Turab' | #OurProphet
Show Details17min 4s
Ep 129: Military Campaigns Before Badr: Exploring First-Three Islamic Expeditions | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 32s
Ep 128: An Introduction to Jihad & The Rules of War in Islam | #OurProphet
Show Details15min 52s
Ep 127: Islamic (Hijri) Calendar: Origins and Implementation | #OurProphet
Show Details18min 1s
Ep 126: Change of Qibla: Its Significance and the Jewish Objections | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 53s
Ep 125: When, Why, and How was the Qibla Changed? | #OurProphet
Show Details20min 17s
Ep 124: Holy Prophet's First Two Sermons in Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details26min 39s
Ep 123: Miqdad: The Brave and Loyal Companion of the Prophet | #OurProphet
Show Details11min 41s
Ep 122: Salman al-Farsi (al-Muhammadi): Prophet's Greatest Companion | #OurProphet
Show Details23min 49s
Ep 121: Salman al-Farsi: The Companion Who Spent 200 Years in Search of The Prophet | #OurProphet
Show Details26min 26s
Ep 120: Lady Fatima's Wedding: Who Was Asma? | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 51s
Ep 119: Wedding of Lady Fatima: Ceremony and Celebrations | #OurProphet
Show Details23min 32s
Ep 118: Dowry of Sayyida Fatima & Lessons For The Ummah | #OurProphet
Show Details10min 40s
Ep 117: Marriage of Lady Fatima: Prophet Accepts Imam Ali's Proposal | #OurProphet
Show Details10min 42s
Ep 116: Marriage of Lady Fatima: Prophet Turns Down Abu Bakr & Umar | #OurProphet
Show Details20min 43s
Ep 115: Eating Habits & Table Manners of the Prophet | #OurProphet
Show Details21min 5s
Ep 114: Anecdotes from Prophet's stay at Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari's House | #OurProphet
Show Details8min 53s
Ep 113: Fast of Ashura: Is It Really Prophet's Sunnah? | #OurProphet
Show Details34min 19s
Ep 112: History of Sawm (Fasting): Did Muslims Fast in Mecca? | #OurProphet
Show Details4min 58s
Ep 111: Was Zakat Obligated In Mecca or Medina? | #OurProphet
Show Details7min 19s
Ep 110: The Beautiful Islamic Ritual of Adhan and Iqamah | #OurProphet
Show Details7min 6s
Ep 109: Why "Ashhadu Anna Ali Un Wali Ullah" Was Added to the Adhan? | #OurProphet
Show Details9min 19s
Ep 108: The Origin of the Adhan and Salah (Salat) | #OurProphet
Show Details18min 45s
Ep 107: Exile of Banu Qaynuqa and Prophet's Mercy for Jews | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 37s
Ep 106: How Jews Conspired Against Muslims of Medina? | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 24s
Ep 105: Abdullah ibn Salam & Mukhayriq: Story of Jews Who Became Muslim | #OurProphet
Show Details18min 50s
Ep 104: What Made The Charter of Medina Unique? | #OurProphet
Show Details9min 56s
Ep 103: How Islam Empowered Slave Girls To Freedom? | #OurProphet
Show Details22min 20s
Ep 102: Why Islam Endorsed Enslaving Women & Children? | #OurProphet
Show Details17min 4s
Ep 101: The Concept of Citizenship in Charter of Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 24s
Ep 100: Special Rights & Privileges For Jews in The Charter of Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details16min 29s
Ep 99: Charter of Medina: Exploring Capital Punishment in Islam | #OurProphet
Show Details24min 7s
Ep 98: Charter of Medina: The Greatest Constitution in History | #OurProphet
Show Details15min 29s
Ep 97: A Short History of The Jewish Presence in Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 49s
Ep 96: Al-Muakhaat: Did Ansar Offer Their Wives To Muhajirun? | #OurProphet
Show Details11min 36s
Ep 95: Al-Muakhaat: Who Was Prophet's Brother? | #OurProphet
Show Details15min 37s
Ep 94: Al-Muakhaat: Pact of Brotherhood Between Ansar and Muhajirun | #OurProphet
Show Details7min 59s
Ep 93: Prophet's Prayers for Medina and Al-Baraa ibn Maroor | #OurProphet
Show Details10min 42s
Ep 92: Building Masjid Nabawi: The Fight Between Uthman and Ammar | #OurProphet
Show Details13min 46s
Ep 91: Building Masjid Nabawi: The Headquarters of Islam | #OurProphet
Show Details7min 32s
Ep 90: Was There Any Hypocrite Within Meccan Muslims (Muhajireen)? | #OurProphet
Show Details17min 49s
Ep 89: Abdullah ibn Ubayy & The Hypocrites of Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details13min 32s
Ep 88: Examining The Strange Narration on Omar's Migration | Road To Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details7min 56s
Ep 87: Tala al-Badru Alayna: The First Nasheed of Islam | Road To Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details17min 51s
Ep 86: Did Medina Mistook Prophet For Abu Bakr? | Road To Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details9min 47s
Ep 85: Masjid al-Quba: The First Mosque Established By The Prophet | Road To Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details24min 51s
Ep 84: Prophet At Quba: Waiting For Imam Ali & "The 3 Fatimas" | Road To Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details18min 18s
Ep 83: Prophet Meets Umm Ma'bad: 3 Miracles & Her Famous Narration | Road To Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 50s
Ep 82: Quraysh Puts Reward On Capturing The Prophet | Road To Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details5min 45s
Ep 81: Did Abu Bakr Donate His Camels For Hijrah (Migration)? | Road To Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details11min 8s
Ep 80: Companion of the Cave: Is Verse 9:40 In Honour of Abu Bakr? | #OurProphet
Show Details21min 9s
Ep 79: Tracking The Prophet & The Miracles At Cave Thawr | Road To Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details6min 15s
Ep 78: Story of Hijrah (Migration): Why Prophet Took Abu Bakr With Him? | #OurProphet
Show Details16min 2s
Ep 77: Story of Hijrah (Migration): Examining The Verse In Honour of Imam Ali | #OurProphet
Show Details17min 48s
Ep 76: Story of Hijrah (Migration): Imam Ali Sleeps In Prophet's Bed | #OurProphet
Show Details9min 8s
Ep 75: Story of Hijrah (Migration): Prophet Escapes Assassination Attempt | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 54s
Ep 74: Beginning of Migration & Reason Umm Salama Couldn't Migrate | Road To Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details7min 5s
Ep 73: Prophet Establishes 'Pact of Brotherhood' Between Muhajirin | Road To Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details11min 12s
Ep 72: Importance of Migration & Why Prophet Chose Medina? | Road To Medina | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 56s
Ep 71: The Second Pledge of Aqaba (Pledge of War) | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details8min 12s
Ep 70: First Pledge of Aqabah & Appointment of Musab ibn Umayr | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details15min 9s
Ep 69: Why Was Medina More Open To Islam? | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details17min
Ep 68: Marriage with Ayesha: Hadiths That Praise Ayesha But Insult Prophet | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 15s
Ep 67: Marriage with Ayesha: Was She Really 6 or 9 Years Old? | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details17min 48s
Ep 66: Marriage With Ayesha: Does Islam Support Child Marriages? | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details11min 4s
Ep 65: One Condition by Banu Amir, the famous Arab Tribe, to Accept Islam | #OurProphet
Show Details16min 39s
Ep 64: Prophet Prays For Famine In Mecca | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details16min 6s
Ep 63: When the Jinns of the Valley Accepted Islam | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details13min 48s
Ep 62: Prophet's Journey to Taif: Objectives & Lessons | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details21min 5s
Ep 61: Aam al-Huzn: The Death of Abu Talib & Lady Khadija | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 19s
Ep 60: Dissecting Hadiths & Sunni Concerns About Faith of Abu Talib | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 19s
Ep 59: Proofs That Abu Talib Was A Muslim & A Believer | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details8min 16s
Ep 58: Sacrifices by Abu Talib for Prophet & Islam | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details8min 36s
Ep 57: How Did Islam Reach Medina (Yathrib)? | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 17s
Ep 56: The End of Boycott & The Delegation from Habesha | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details8min 36s
Ep 55: The Grand Miracle of the Prophet: Splitting of the Moon | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 16s
Ep 54: Boycott of Banu Hashim: Muslims At Shi'b Abu Talib | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details24min 7s
Ep 53: Fatima Zahra (s): The Blessed Child From A Great Mother | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details16min 21s
Ep 52: Was Jesus Pacifist But Prophet Muhammad A Warmonger? | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details6min 24s
Ep 51: Was The Prophet Illiterate? Meaning of Ummi | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 31s
Ep 50: Omar Ibn Khattab Becomes Muslim: A Pillar of Strength for Islam? | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details19min 4s
Ep 49: Surah Abasa and the Story of the Blind Companion | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details17min 24s
Ep 48: Prophet's Letter To Najashi (King of Ethiopia) & His Response | #OurProphet
Show Details9min
Ep 47: Dissecting The Incident of Gharaniq (The Satanic Verses) | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details30min 33s
Ep 46: Migration to Abyssinia & The First Victory for Muslims | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details20min 5s
Ep 45: Martyrdom of Sumayya & Taqiyyah of Ammar | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details21min 40s
Ep 44: 3 Questions by Jewish Rabbis & Importance of InshaAllah | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details9min 1s
Ep 43: Torture of Meccans & Islam of Hamza ibn Abdul Mutallib | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details10min 19s
Ep 42: One Thing That Stopped Quraysh Leaders From Accepting Islam | #OurProphet
Show Details8min 38s
Ep 41: Various Offers By Quraysh To Buy Out Prophet | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details15min 19s
Ep 40: The Beginning of the Public Dawah (Stage-3) | Struggles in Mecca | #OurProphet
Show Details18min 38s
Ep 39: Isra & Mi'raj: What Really Happened At Sidrat al-Muntaha | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details16min 3s
Ep 38: Isra & Mi'raj: Did The Prophet Bargain For Salah? | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details13min 23s
Ep 37: Isra and Mi'raj: Prophet Visits Heaven and Hell | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details18min 9s
Ep 36: Isra & Mi'raj: Time, Speed, and Distance | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details11min 7s
Ep 35: Isra & Mi'raj: What Exactly Happened That Night? | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 24s
Ep 34: Isra & Mi'raj: When Did It Happen? | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 7s
Ep 33: The Dhul Asheera Feast & Hadith Yawm al-Daar | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details25min 58s
Ep 32: 3 Great Companions of the Prophet from Early Islam | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 24s
Ep 31: House of Arqam: The First Islamic Center | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details5min 18s
Ep 30: Why Allah Stopped Sending Wahi After First Revelation? | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 13s
Ep 29: When Did Abu Bakr & His Family Become Muslims? | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details23min 25s
Ep 28: Who Was The First To Accept Islam? | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details10min 56s
Ep 27: The First Revelation: How Bukhari and Tabari Insulted Prophet | #OurProphet
Show Details19min 50s
Ep 26: The First Revelation: Shia Version vs Sunni Version | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 38s
Ep 25: When Was The First Revelation? Rajab or Ramadan? | The Mission Begins | #OurProphet
Show Details15min 39s
Ep 24: Birth of Imam Ali: The Boy That Prophet Raised | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details25min 9s
Ep 23: Answering 3 Myths About Lady Khadija | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details24min 52s
Ep 22: Holy Prophet's Marriage to Lady Khadija | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details15min 47s
Ep 21: Working For Khadija: Prophet Demonstrates Business Skills | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details6min 54s
Ep 20: Placing Black Stone: Prophet's First Test of Leadership | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details9min 14s
Ep 19: Hilf al-Fudul: Prophet's First Political Alliance | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details7min 16s
Ep 18: Did Prophet Participate In Any Pre-Islamic Battles? | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details11min 36s
Ep 17: Holy Prophet's Activities As A Young Boy | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details6min 25s
Ep 16: What Was Prophet's Religion Before Islam? | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 18s
Ep 15: Meeting Between Prophet & Bahira The Monk | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details13min 51s
Ep 14: Prophet in Abdul Muttalib's Care | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details8min 11s
Ep 13: Examining A Disturbing Story About Prophet's Childhood | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details6min 18s
Ep 12: Halimah Sa'diya: Lady Who Nursed The Prophet | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details10min 57s
Ep 11: Details of the Birth of Holy Prophet | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details9min 2s
Ep 10: Abdullah & Amina: Their Marriage And Death | Birth To Revelation | #OurProphet
Show Details11min 22s
Ep 9: When Abdul Muttalib Offered Prophet's Father for Sacrifice | Prelude | #OurProphet
Show Details14min 45s
Ep 8: Are Prophet's Parents In Hell? Dissecting A Forged Hadith | Prelude | #OurProphet
Show Details9min 45s
Ep 7: Shia View on the Religion of Prophet's Fathers | Prelude | #OurProphet
Show Details22min 58s
Ep 6: When The Kaaba Faced An Army of Elephants | Prelude | #OurProphet
Show Details7min 7s
Ep 5: What Made Arabian Peninsula Unique? | Prelude | #OurProphet
Show Details7min 16s
Ep 4: When Was The First Biography Of Holy Prophet Written? | Prelude | #OurProphet
Show Details12min 38s
Ep 3: Why There Is No Shia Biography Of The Prophet? | Prelude | #OurProphet
Show Details7min 20s
Ep 2: How Muslim Scholars & Historians Defamed Holy Prophet | Prelude | #OurProphet
Show Details18min 4s
Ep 1: What Non-Muslim Thinkers Say About Prophet Muhammad? | Prelude | #OurProphet
Show Details7min 29s