351: Who Owned Fadak: Lady Fatima or the Muslim State? | Our Prophet

Season 3 | Episode 351
21m | Jan 24, 2024

Things You'll Learn In This Episode of Our Prophet:

- Prophet gifting Fadak to Lady Fatima and how he officialized the transfer?

- Revelation of Verse (17:26) and Sunni scholars confirming its connection with Fadak

- Ibn Kathir's objection in Asbab al-Nuzool of this verse and the response

- 2 reasons the Prophet Gifted Fadak to Lady Fatima

- How crucial was Fadak for the survival of Ahlulbayt

- Proofs provided by Lady Fatima on ownership of Fadak

- Reaction of Abu Bakr and Umar at seeing Fadak's ownership document

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