359: Examining Mut'ah and its Alleged Ban at Khaybar | Our Prophet

Season 3 | Episode 359
54m | Feb 1, 2024

Things You'll Learn In This Episode of Our Prophet:

- Hadith in Bukhari about the ban on Mut'ah at Khaybar

- How does Mut'ah (temporary marriage) compare with permanent marriage?

- Acceptability (validity) of a verbal contract in Islamic law

- Three important purposes that Mut'ah serves

- Rules in the temporary marriage contract that prevent prostitution

- Answer to the claim that Mut'ah allows a woman multiple partners in a day

- Objection by Sheikh Shaltut on temporary marriage & its response

- Conversation between Abu Hanifa and Mu'min al-Taq on Mut'ah

- How Mut'ah's permissibility does not imply universal encouragement

- What is Misyar, and how is it similar to Mut'ah?

- Proof of Mut'ah found in Quran accepted by all scholars

- Dubious standards of morality of Sunni Scholars regarding Mut'ah

- Hadiths that prove Mut'ah was widely practised during the Prophet's life

- Proofs in Sunni Hadith that it was Umar who banned Mut'ah

- Ethical guidelines and caution by Imams regarding Mut'ah

- Comparison between the legality of drinking wine and Mut'ah

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