361: Murder of a Muslim Convert by Usama ibn Zayd | Our Prophet

Season 3 | Episode 361
22m | Feb 3, 2024

Things You'll Learn In This Episode of Our Prophet:

- Details of Usama's encounter with a Jewish man from Bani Murra

- Reason provided by Usama for the murder and the Prophet's response

- Alternate version of this incident and the revelation of Verse 4:94

- Miqdad's question on killing an enemy reverting to Islam and Prophet's response

- Usama's excuse not to fight in the civil wars and why it was unjustified?

- Death of Saddam and the double standards of Ahlul Sunnah Muftis

- Hadith by Ibn Abbas that makes Usama's murder more gruesome

- Three slogans the Prophet tied to his sword

- Comparison of this incident with the murder of Zubayr ibn Awwam

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