352: Examining the Prophet being allegedly poisoned at Khaybar | Our Prophet

Season 3 | Episode 352
44m | Jan 25, 2024

Things You'll Learn In This Episode of Our Prophet:

- Summary of the attempt by Jewish woman to poison the Prophet

- Versions of this incident found in Sunni Hadith and Seerah books

- What did the Prophet do to the woman who tried to poison him?

- Role of this poisoning in the demise of the Prophet

- Various problems with the Sunni version of this incident

- Alternate version as presented in 'Qurb ul-Isnad' & al-Amali of Sheikh Saduq

- Dua taught by Jibraeel that eliminated the effect of poison

- Hadith by Imam Sadiq claiming this poison to be the cause of the Prophet's demise

- Commonalities between the various versions and why can't we blindly accept all details

- Scholars' view on how the Prophet died

- Was the poisoned meat halal, and can we eat kosher?

- Concern by a companion on the Jewish background of Safiyya

- Fate of the woman according to Shia hadiths

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