353: Prophet Missing Fajr Prayer: Shia Version vs Sunni Version | Our Prophet

Season 3 | Episode 353
1h 1m | Jan 26, 2024

Things You'll Learn In This Episode of Our Prophet:

- Various versions of this incident as found in Sunni books

- Hadiths in Shia and Sunni books claiming Prophet's heart/mind doesn't sleep

- Proof in Sahih Bukhari that the Prophet is aware of time during sleep

- Significance of this incident and why do the discrepancies make it questionable?

- Version of this incident in Shaheed al-Awwal's book

- Sahw un-Nabi and the opinion of Shaykh Saduq and Shaykh Mufid on it

- Who is Ruh al-Qudus, and can Shaytan create an impact on a Prophet?

- Opinion of Shia scholars on the presence of these narrations in our books

- Sheikh al-Ansari's analysis of the Prophet's statement after this incident

- Did the Prophet or Imam Ali ever miss the Night prayers?

- Suggested rationale on why Allah made the Prophet miss Fajr

- Does sole mention by Shaheed al-Awwal make his report unreliable?

- Analysis of the opinion that Allah deliberately made the Prophet go to sleep

- Exploring the plausibility of Allah extending Fajr time for the Prophet

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