Black Label 5 - Jan 6 Anniversary - Biden Speech - Project 2025 - Epstein (SAMPLE)

28m | Jan 8, 2024

Here's a preview of this weeks premium epiosde. From as little as five bucks a month! Don't make me get all weird and shame you like Dave Oneegs does - if you can't afford it, you just need to like want it more. Winners grindset bro.

If any of you are missing out because you're actually broke drop me a line and I'll send you a file. It's the honour system so don't tell me fibs!

Enjoy the free snippet!


aaaaand the MUA cracks the shits over the use of the red ensign and all sorts of stuff. It's a big one this one. Almost two hours of it. But we owed you something good after the holidays!



ALSO - PLEASE vote for CBCo in the GABS hottest 100. They're pushing the Pacific Ale so get behind that. I know it's a bit lame but it really helps and they've been very good to us. Voting helps them and it helps us - use this link to give them a nudge in the list. They've been good to us - so I really want them to get a decent showing on the charts.

Vote here!

And as a reminder to everyone - they're still running the CRP10 discount code so get on it. It's a really good deal!

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