Episode 162 - Atlas, Rise (feat. Brendan from The Dirt Unit) - Part 1

2h 25m | May 24, 2024

This is part one of - uh - lots?

At the core of this episode is a well planned script. The other 2 hours is mostly waffle between two cooked brains. Add to that the sustained consumption of alcohol and you got yourself an episode.

The Atlas Network is an umbrella organisation that helps create, sustain and propel libertarian thinktanks into media and modern meme culture. Its roots extend into the early 20th century and feature some predictable names such as Milton Friedman and Tony Abbott. What fun guys!

Brendan has done a deep dive into this with a script that spans across about 44 pages. In this episode, I think we got through about 12 of them.

It was a good fun record and I regret nothing. Although next time we record, I might try not to start half cut. That might help.


Also, of course has CRP10 as a promo code still - 10% - and they have free shipping so go buy some beers.

Brendan has an excellent project called 'earseed' and his new album 'revelations' is on all the usual streaming places. The video for the song 'Come To My Place' is really really funny and has tickled the pickle of Dazza and Penny actually liked it. Excellent. Here's the video:

Anything we promised would be in the show notes is probably not going to happen but feel free to hassle Brendan about anything you want in the shitposting group!

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