Episode 161 - RFK Jr. - Woke Borealis - Social Licence - PancakeGate

Season 1 | Episode 161
1h 30m | May 17, 2024

This week we look at RFK Jr.'s actual brainworms and why his love for 'tuna fish sandwiches' probably gave him autism.

The sky is gay now thanks to woke - and it's expressing itself faaabulously in the aurora borealis. Is this the gay agenda playing out in space? Probably.

Albo is taken wildly out of context by Elon Musk who seems to think a 'social licence' is something you have to apply for...

AND of course we have a bit on Pancakegate - the fued between Guru and Bosi and Bec and some guy named Franco. Tinfoil Tales did it better, but we have a chuckle at the latest dumb rift between these clowns.


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