Episode 163 - Digital ID (Turnkey for Social Credit Scores and CBDCs)

Season 1 | Episode 163
1h 34m | May 31, 2024

CORRECTION: In Queensland they have made it all but mandatory to use a myGovID to sit a skills exam to rewew your electrical licence. I've cut the part cause it was wrong. In other states it's still mostly PDF form based etc etc but Queensland are dead keen on getting people to use myGovID.

Which is very weird because one of the reasons they passed this (in the explanatory memorandum) was to expand the myGovID into states. But - as it turns out - there are state services using it. For example, HousingVic and Victorian State Revenue can be linked to myGov using myGovID.

It appears you can work around this but it's incredibly annoying and quite blatant that you basically have to get the myGovID to sit the exam or experience a bureaucratic nightmare to get renewed. The cookers were kinda right on this one. Kinda!

Thanks to listener and sparky Michael Brown for the heads up. Super helpful in showing me all the things I needed to know to clarify this.


Digital ID has cookers fuming. It's the end of freedom! The end of democracy! Social credit scores are next! This is how they lock down 15 minute cities!

It's not though.

It's just a way to prove your identity so you can do stuff. It's that simple.

The media have done an absolutely shocking job of communicating this honestly to the public and the government have just hoped nobody would notice. But when cookers get involved - you really can't win.

In this episode we look at what digital ID actually is, why it exists and then we look at some of the more absurd claims.

We also look at the bullshit surrounding social credit systems in China and the dreaded CBDC. These are the things that our digital ID system are apparently brining to us with a side order of tyranny. But why is there so much BS around these two things?

Probably racism and mostly stupidity.

Anyway, enjoy!

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