The Two Jacks - Episode 77a - Comedy is only funny when it's funny

1h 36m | Jun 24, 2024

In the wake of two Seinfeld shows disturbed by protestors, the Two Jacks take a look at the role of comedy in our society.

The first point to make is a comedian with more than 50 years experience like Seinfeld, standing with a mic in his hand among a mainly adoring audience is going to sit any hecklers on their arses in quick time.

The discussion enters into the best stand up comedians of all time. JTI claims Richard Pryor changed everything and is the guv'nor while arguing that Billy Connolly was the funniest man at a live venue. We then look at political language and what a politician means when they utter predictable messages.

In more serious matters, Immigration Minister Andrew Giles' woes and bad judgment continue.

The Reform Party moves past the Tories as the new opposition in the UK on polling at least.

In sport, Dustin Martin stands atop as a champion of the big moment in AFL, Australia moves into the final eight in the T-20 World Cup while the Euros get underway. 

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