Episode 155 - Crackers Hacked - Midazolam - SovCit Parents

Season 1 | Episode 157
1h 14m | Feb 14, 2024

Craig Kelly either got hacked or retweeted a video of incest foot porn. Dunno which - but it's difficult to be hacked in the way he is suggesting. Evidence points to no. BUT we must take him on his word. Must we? The lawyers suggest we should.

Economist turned cooker Dr. Wilson Sy has released a paper suggesting that COVID doesn't exist - and that it was simply a mass euthanasia program in the UK. Some deaths might be from the jab but the rest are from MIDAZOLAM. Segment is worth the listen just to hear Jack pronounce it.

We bring back BPFW thanks to a cracking submission from Garth but it went to the wrong person! So Jack had the joy of answering one.

And in SovCits we look at Shorty and Guru making a fuss at the court house in Wollongong.

Aaaaaand Babet is a twat!


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