Episode 152 - RIP Roger - WEF - SovCits - Pete

Season 1 | Episode 152
1h 36m | Jan 23, 2024


From @daggydad on Twitter.

Dr John Campbell is an a&e nurse with a PhD, not a doctor of medicine.

@GasmanR went on to elaborate

Small pedantic correction, Dr John Campbell is a nurse not a doctor. He does hold a valid Phd and can use the honorific doctor - but it is in the discipline of nursing education, he is not a medical doctor. While unfortunately a small number of my fellow doctors are raving cookers (including unfortunately a guy I went to university with and with whom I also did specialist training in anaesthesia - Paul Oosterhuis) Dr Campbell is owned by our nursing brothers and sisters. His descent from reasoned provider of sound information at the start of the pandemic into full on antivax disinformation grifter is well documented on both YouTube and Twitter by Australia's own Dr Susan Oliver and US based Debunkthefunk.

Thanks for everyone who wrote in to say that. We love getting corrected!


It's been a bit on and off recently but we are on. A bit of a hybrid episode that took the fast and loose nature of a Black Label with a bit of script to keep it tight.

Deep dives are on the horizon but the news keeps newsing and it's time to start delivering the goods. This week we look at the imminent (now very much completed) death throes of Roger Rogerson. Old mate dodged a lot of death in his time but finally it was falling over that really seemed to get him. What a bad person he was.

The WEF is annoying. Not because it's a meeting of elites who go skiing and talk about making a shitload of money from us peasants - but because idiot conspiracy theorists need to make it all about them. Disease X is especially annoying and so is that dickhead from Argentina. And Elon Musk. He is very, very annoying.

In SovCits we look at a bleach merchant from NZ who gets his comeuppance and Pete is still posting. Dunno why. Nobody except for us seem to care.


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