The Two Jacks - Episode 45 - Labor's Workplace Reform

1h 34m | Sep 22, 2023

The Two Jacks discuss IR Minister Tony Burke's Amendments to the Fair Work Act which have gone through the House and awaiting approval in the Senate. What does it mean for workers generally?

Are employee groups right to be in a state of uproar over workplace changes? HK Jack believes the hype doesn't match the limited extent of the changes which he says can only be measured in years to come.

Employer groups are agitating for management to get their affairs in order especially around sexual harassment and wage privacy matters.

The Voice campaign goes further off the rails with both sides - Yes and No pushing people away.

In the US polling suggests Joe Biden is in big trouble. JTI points to the polling a year ahead of Barack Obama's re-election suggesting Biden is in a better place than Obama was.

In sport, we farewell a titan of Australian Rules Football, Ronald Dale Barassi.

The Conditional Release Program