The Two Jacks - Episode 60 - Tax Cuts and Broken Promises

1h 33m | Feb 2, 2024

The electoral support for tax cuts is yet to drop and JTI says there's no point looking at polls until at least July when the money drops. Politicians lie as one of listeners reminds us (as if we needed reminding) and live to lie another day. HK Jack says there may be a little loss of skin but overall the package should be well received. The Government actuary (yes, there is one) predicts extraordinary cost blow outs in the NDIS over the next decade and HK Jack makes a few suggestions on how money might be saved to keep the programme going. In the US, polling shows Trump with leads in key battleground states but the Orange One is going to get hit hard in the wallet over the next week or two with multimillion dollar losses in court heading his way. In France, the farmers are blockading Paris. JTI says never get in the way of the Parisians and their food. Test cricket is back and so are the Windies while England also pull off a stunning win at Hyderabad. 

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