The Two Jacks - Episode 58 - Straya Day - Have we had enough now?

1h 27m | Jan 21, 2024

The Two Jacks discuss the latest furore over Australia's National Holiday. Have the arguments hit a new low? With Peter Dutton's calls to boycott Woolworths, the Two Jacks say it couldn't possibly get crazier.

A day of nationhood is needed, one that will unify Australians and not divide them.

In the US, Trump takes Iowa with Nikki Haley looking like having a fighting chance of winning New Hampshire.

Around the world, how do progressive Jews view the response from their fellow non-Jewish travellers. Has anti-Semitism infected the progressive Left?

In sport, we look at the West Indies tour and ask how can it be that their players earn one tenth of the Australian players. Is a bit of socialism required to keep Test cricket alive? 

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