The Two Jacks - Episode 59 - Albo's Tax Cuts

1h 30m | Jan 27, 2024

The Stage Three tax cut restructure has been announced. Albo has backed away from a promise and bracket creep remains real. He may lose some skin over it but overall, the announcement means 11 million Australian workers will pay lower taxes as of July 1. JTI believes it's designed to wedge Peter Dutton in the regions and outer suburbs where Dutton wants to take the Libs.

Scott Morrison resigns from the parliament. Where does he stand on the pantheon of Prime Ministers? A fair way down but not quite Billy McMahon status.

Trump takes New Hampshire but Nikki Halley is proving a difficult opponent.

South Africa goes to the elections later this year with the possibility that the ANC's lock on power may start to shift.

In sport, the BBL wraps up with the Heat winning the tournament as the Australians face the Windies in Brisbane and England play India in the first Test in Hyderabad.  

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