Premium Episode - Black Label 2 - SAMPLE

19m | Nov 30, 2023

Here's a preview of this weeks premium epiosde. From as little as five bucks a month! Don't make me get all weird and shame you like Dave Oneegs does - if you can't afford it, you just need to like want it more. Winners grindset bro.

If any of you are missing out because you're actually broke drop me a line and I'll send you a file. It's the honour system so don't tell me fibs!

Enjoy the free snippet!


So we are changing the name and format of our premium episodes to be more 'fast and loose' which is actually just newspeak for 'lazy'.

Still, we think this is a lot better than silence and excuses. And we have fun doing it.

This week we are looking at a few stories. Crackers Kelly is found guilty of being a prat but narrowly escapes a conviction sadly. The vic libs get third place and celebrate because to them that's a good result. And Jack looks at Bibi Netanyahu's impending political doom with corruption charges and a general sense that the recent events are at least a little bit his fault.

Jack dives into the murky waters of gun registries - some of which are still paper based - and a lack of rapid response in enquiries about firearms resulting in more than one police death in recent times. This is a good time to revisit Wieambilla as it's a year on. We look back at the first domestic terrorist attack in some time.

Following this is the story of the year in the cooker space. Mark Mack is found to have perpetrated elder abuse in the pursuit of his mothers property. It's a dark story and one the Tinfoil Tales girls published in part on twitter. With their permission we have chosen some parts of the judgement to look at - it truly reveals him as a despicable character and as the TT girls have said - crickets from the movement. For the sake of the privacy of family we request you don't splash the judgement around if you find it. We obscured names intentionally.


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