Episode 158 - Bondi - $DJT - Lehrmann - SovCits - Pete

Season 1 | Episode 158
1h 23m | Apr 15, 2024

Big news week this one. The stabbing attack in Bondi has given us pause for thought on many levels. A lot didn't pause or think, however, and simply spoke. They spoke nonsense. Unfortunately this simply gave us more pause for thought. Things feel very messy.

Trump has set up an elaborate 'pump and dump' scheme with the $DJT stock backed by Truth Social. This idiot conman cult leader has managed to convince other idiots to part with their money because meme stock hysteria and general stupidity.

Nobody but the lawyers win with Bruce Lehrmann being legally declared (on a civil basis) a silly little rapist. Well, Justice Lee didn't call him that. But that's what he is.

In SovCits we see a classic traffic stop where Trish does not fuck around and Pete makes us upset with his personal preferences. They're shit and he should be ashamed of them.

PS - Episode is unedited because this is fresh news and I also have zero time to cut out Jack's breathing and lip smacks and my dopey mistakes - so enjoy this one nice and raw. This is what we actually sound like :-P


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