Black Label (SAMPLE) - Episode 1 - Nazi (false) Flag - Mona Lisas - Zippy - FREEDOMMM!

12m | Nov 20, 2023

Here's a preview of this weeks premium epiosde. From as little as five bucks a month! Don't make me get all weird and shame you like Dave Oneegs does - if you can't afford it, you just need to like want it more. Winners grindset bro.

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Patrons! Thank you for your patience. Uni is almost over. Jack has moved. I hope we are entering into a golden age of podcast content creation. Looking forward to spending a few days researching cooked shit and making fun things for y'all to listen to while doing housework. 

We have been vaguely calling premiums 'Black Label' for a bit now. But this one's the first one that we have done in proper fast and loose dot pointed fashion. I hope it's not shit. 

This week we are looking at political hopeful Shane Cuthbert who did some videos next to a nazi flag and had a pretty shit excuse as to why. Did he not notice it was there?!? We look at him a little closer...

Eric Trump is an idiot and compares his family's real estate assets to the Mona Lisa. Well, Mona Lisa(s). He is an idiot. Phil made a funny. 

Zippy is encouraging people to mock the immunocompromised, the elderly and infirm with memes that point and laugh at those who choose to wear masks. 

AAAAND the world wide rally for freedom half planned an action on the Sydney Harbour Bridge but found some pesky laws prevented them from having their day in the sun. How did they come about? Pesky climate protestors. Damn you lefties! 

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