The Two Jacks Episode 64 - Lawyers' Smorgasbord

1h 34m | Mar 10, 2024

The Two Jacks discuss the lawyers' picning that has erupted over the Brittney Higgins rape case that led to a mistrial based on jury misconduct. Defamation action abounds now with five ACT police officers entering the fray, suing ACT prosecutor Shane Drumgold.

The Libs launch their nuclear policy. Is it the longest political suicide note in Australian political history?

In the US, HK Jack believes Joe Biden will be tapped and asked to withdraw his candidacy. We look at the possible replacements.

The homicide rate is through the roof in South Africa with appalling solve rates.

In sport, Sam Kerr is subject to terrible race based laws in the UK while the AFL season kicks off with a win to the Swans and the NRL's Vegas experiment leads to desultory ratings on US TV. 

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