The Two Jacks - Episode 63 - Scomo, Spies and Sports.

1h 29m | Mar 1, 2024

The Two Jacks turn their attention to the breaking news of an unnamed federal MP who'd 'betrayed' his country to a foreign nation. Peter Dutton has his money on it being a Labor man. Hmm.

Scomo hangs up five pairs of boots after a teary speech in the House. How will history judge the man?

Alabama IVF clinics close in the wake of a judgment from the state's supreme court and that's a huge problem not just for Alabaman women but for Trump, says JTI.

Tunisian born resident of France for three decades gets punted out of the country for bagging le Tricolore. The French do go hard.

In sport, JTI says the pressure on the AFL to accept liability for historical child sexual abuse in the old VFL competition is mounting while England chalks up a 1-3 series losing moral triumph in India. 

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