The Two Jacks Episode 62 - The Swift Phenomenon (FIXED)

1h 36m | Feb 28, 2024

Had a mix up with file names - uploading this one fresh in case the other one still plays the old episode on your podcast app!

JTI finds a dreadful case of government out of control in relation child sexual abuse. A waste of $10mil in public funds but a kick in the guts to victims of CSA still waiting on compensation.

The Taylor Swift Eras tour is underway in Australia bringing with it billions in economic activity. For all that, she has been subject to criticism from the Left - "too white, not sufficiently feminist" and from the Right who think's Swift is a liberal plant from the Biden Government. Whatever happened to appreciating other people's joy, folks?

Albo gets engaged and HK Jack plays wedding planner.

The two boat arrivals in WA have brought headlines but the real problem, HK Jack says is there are more than 100,000 asylum seekers in this country with their claims rejected. HK Jack has a solution.

The Tories get smashed in by-elections in the UK with swings against it in the stratosphere.

In the US will Trump seek to implement an abortion ban 16 weeks after conception? JTI says the whole topic is political death to Trump.

In sport, the Two Jacks can tell you how to get into major events if you have your dad around or JTI's dad in particular. 

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