• The Two Jacks - Episode 45 - Labor's Workplace Reform

    The Two Jacks discuss IR Minister Tony Burke's Amendments to the Fair Work Act which have gone through the House and awaiting approval in the Senate. What does it mean for workers generally?

    Are employee groups right to be in a state of uproar over workplace changes? HK Jack believes the hype doesn't match the limited extent of the changes which he says can only be measured in years to come.

    Employer groups are agitating for management to get their affairs in order especially around sexual harassment and wage privacy matters.

    The Voice campaign goes further off the rails with both sides - Yes and No pushing people away.

    In the US polling suggests Joe Biden is in big trouble. JTI points to the polling a year ahead of Barack Obama's re-election suggesting Biden is in a better place than Obama was.

    In sport, we farewell a titan of Australian Rules Football, Ronald Dale Barassi.

    1h 34m | Sep 22, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 44 - The Voice Falters

    As HK Jack emerges from a Hong kong typhoon, the Two Jacks discuss recent polling which shows just Tasmania in favour and all other states in the minority. Can the Voice still be saved? HK Jack says no, believing the process was flawed from the start.

    Will a four day week become the new normal in the Australian employment landscape?

    When should you politely say no to providing a character reference? The Two Jacks discuss the sentencing of Hollywood rapist, Danny Masterson and how Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher provided character references on Masterson after he was convicted of drugging and raping two women.

    In sport, the Two Jacks preview the Rugby World Cup, the NRL finals series and the AFL where JTI's beloved Blues are into the semis. 

    1h 32m | Sep 15, 2023
  • Episode 142 - Trump - Maui ft. MTN DEW - SovCits - PETE

    This week we look at how fucked Trump is and how he threw poor Eric under the bus (who found it quite nice under there).

    In Maui we look at the utter tragedy that struck the island and the incredibly dumb shit that cookers have created around it. It's a laser. Blue houses were spared. Mountain Dew tried to warn us. It's very silly.

    In SovCits Jack looks at some sheriffs who (allegedly) don't mind kiddie fiddlin' as long as it's their guys doing it.

    And Pete goes back on the radio! If you thought Kyle and Jackie-O were shit, wait till you see how shit Hughesy and Erin are. Wow. They suck.


    1h 23m | Sep 12, 2023
  • Episode 141 - CPAC with Sam from AlternateMediaWatchers

    Apologies for the delay on this one guys - been battling some annoying health issues which include 'fatigue' and 'brain fog'. And no, it's not the vaccine! Or a tumour!

    Joel has a chat with Sam about CPAC. It was predictably shit but Sam bothered to wade through the mangroves and find out specifically why it was shit. The crossover collab with nazis is becoming very much part of the regular programming now and for some reason Warren Mundine thinks it's a wise idea to stand with these people. Just bizarre.


    47m | Sep 9, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 43 - Qantas dives

    As a typhoon lashes Hong Kong, the Two Jacks discuss the reputational harm suffered by the national carrier as Alan Joyce wanders out the door. And what of the decision to reject the Qatar Airways bid? Is the Transport Minister carrying the can for an Albo captain's pick? One thing is for sure, the decision didn't go to cabinet and it should have.

    There are calls to televise Donald Trump's Georgia RICO trial which will leave networks salivating.

    You can still catch a bus from Ukraine to Moscow. And in a huge week in sports, HK Jack tips the Swans while JTI's heart and head says the Blues will win. 

    1h 28m | Sep 8, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 42 - The End for Palaszczuk?

    The Queensland Premier has left the state. On holiday with rumours about her health and moves against her from within her Left faction, has the end game begun for her?

    The Two Jacks take a look at new visa restrictions for overseas students and look at the loopholes international crime syndicates exploit to get their people into the country.

    The Two Jacks look at the basic failures in emergency management that almost certainly made the Masui wildfire disaster much worse.

    In sport, Ange Postecoglou's role as Premier League manager at Tottenham starts with success. 

    1h 31m | Sep 4, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 41 - Despite the Voice Labor is up, the Libs down

    The Two Jacks look at polling showing Labor would win by a landslide if an election was held anytime soon.

    The Voice may be struggling and according to the West Australian, has no chance of success in WA.

    The Two Jacks clarify conscription during WWII and unlike what JTI said in a previous episode, John Curtin did advocate for conscription.

    Trump faces arrest on RICO charges in Georgia.

    In sport, how can the euphoria of the World Cup translate into greater participation and what support does it need from government. 

    1h 32m | Aug 30, 2023
  • Episode 140 - Sound of Freedom - Part 1 - Bollocking Tim Ballard

    This one is the reason we haven't released for a couple weeks. Well, this one and the next one. What was meant to be a one part look at a few reasons why Ballard is a dodgy conman the rabbithole turned out too deep for one measly episode.

    Clocking in at over two hours it's one of our longer ones. Didn't even scratch the surface on this. The Sound of Freedom has been received by audiences that are not only squealing with joy - but also spreading the good word across the seas. For example, a woman in Peru commented how excited she was that The Sound of Freedom was being screened in the Blue Mountains of NSW. Nothing suss about that!

    So we look at the local release of the movie, an inevitable comparison with Taken and then the main meal is a good old bollocking on Ballard.

    He lies a lot. It's probably a pathological thing. To cover the full spectrum of what a terrible human being Tim Ballard is would take HOURS. This guy has more dirt on him than my dog and she's stinky.

    Part 2 will look at the harm - what will happen when bozos turn up with guns trying to find kids in random South American countries inspired by this movie? Idiots are about to make the lives of real trafficking organisations much, much harder. Rambos are about to get organised and start making a serious mess of things. Kids will not be saved.

    And Paul Hutchinson. Real Estate guy. Krav Maga guy. Narcissist. We will look at a member of OUR and producer of the film and see why the hell a real estate magnate is doing sting operations and why he thinks that being trained in Krav Maga is qualification to rescue children from sex trafficking. I really don't like him.

    As promised for those who want to dive deeper - here are the shownotes.


    Anna Merlan and Tim Marchman's work can be found on Vice. There's a ton of it and it's nicely written.



    Lynn Packer has been following this forever. This is his YouTube channel:


    Mormon Stories have also been following OUR since before it was cool. This video is incredibly interesting (listen at 1.5x at least) but it's long.


    Damion Moore at American Crime Journal has an extensive archive on Ballard and OUR


    And last but not least - Tinfoil Tales!


    There are other sources but I'm tired but hit me up if you want to know more.


    Please give us money. This took ages. Taking days off work to do this is a labour of love but don't forget it's also LABOUR! But if you can't afford it, we still love ya! But yeah this took me so many days.


    Also: slight correction -

    Disney did not buy Sound of Freedom - Fox did. Then Disney acquired SoF within the Fox catalogue. Fox bought the movie in 2018 and sold its catalogue to Disney in 2019 and then it was acquired by Angel Studios early 2023 who then crowdfunded its release.

    2h 7m | Aug 29, 2023
  • UNLOCKED - Premium Episode 4 - Miracle Mineral Mud and Vaccine Extraction

    While you all patiently wait for the latest episode I've decided to unlock and old Patreon ep for all you freeloaders (we love you please like and share).

    I'm working on a Sound of Freedom script and while it started off as a 'well, we should do something' it's blown a bit out of proportion. That Ballrd guy really sucks. Anyway, in the meantime - enjoy!


    Premium Episode 4 - Miracle Mineral Mud and Vaccine Extraction

    Got vaccinated? That's bad. You better get that sorted. How about some IV bleach? 

    Feeling a bit too clean and slightly under the weather? Eat some mud. 

    Grifters gonna grift and honestly they'll go to wild lengths to get your money. This episode we look at some incredibly awful ways people are attempting to remove the vaccine, to save their souls from the devil jab. It's not good. 

    Merry Bleachmas!

    41m | Aug 19, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 40 - Party Time

    On the eve of Labor's national Conference, the Two Jacks discuss the future of the two major parties. How does the Liberal party stop its slide to the troight and embrace the centre? Should Labor choreograph its conference to the point where debate over policy is stage managed, leading to poor outcomes. What's wrong with a bit of argy bargy?

    Mark Latham gets the shove from Pauline Hanson but won't go quietly.

    Two teetotallers are running for the US Presidency. Can they be trusted?

    In the UK, burglaries have been virtually decriminalised with no police action.

    Meanwhile, the Matildas march on to the semi amid huge television audiences. 

    1h 31m | Aug 19, 2023
  • Episode 139 - Sound of Freedom - Trump - Shorty - Pete

    It's time for the conditional release program's fortnightly news! Yeah it's a news week and it's time to celebrate the release of Sound of Freedom coming to our shores. It's a miracle! Hoyts, the stunning and brave theatre chain are bringing it to our shores. Actually all the cinema companies are, but the cookers are backpatting the Hoyts socials and barely glancing at the others. Event cinemas? Nothing. Dendy? Latte sippers only.

    Trump is once, twice, three times indicted. Jack gives some insights into how fucked the big orange bloke is.

    In SovCits we look at the traffic stop with Glen Short including a post recording update on his charges. Naughty boy!

    And Pete has a crap week - his week is only slightly more crap than this weeks TWIPE.



    ALSO: CBCo are doing some amazing deals on their website. Most cases are $80 with free shipping - 24 can cases and 375ml cans.

    The IPA is my pick tbh. It's an excellent IPA with some solid bitterness and a punchy 6.5%. Middy is a cracking deal at $55 a case as well for those looking for something a little more sessionable. $55 is about how much you'll pay for a case of mainstream rubbish - and middy is only 100cals per tin. The porter is also $80 but VERY GOOD. As far as dark beers go, this is up there IMO.

    Sours are decent as well. South west sour is a classic and worth a shot.

    Link here! It's not an affiliate thing - just a decent bargain on very good beer! They're not even making me do this!


    1h 7m | Aug 13, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 39 - Sofronoff On

    The media battlelines are drawn along the Sofronoff Report which found ACT DPP Shane Drumgold had behaved unethically in the trial of Bruce Lehrmann for the alleged rape of Brittney Higgins. HK Jack offers his lawyerly thoughts.

    The tragedy of three dead and one critically injured in South Gippsland from food poisoning is an evolving story with much more to come.

    The Voice continues to falter in the polls but is there still time for a comeback?

    Trump's two federal and one state indictment keep him in poll position in the GOP primary race.

    In sport, the Two Jacks discuss the value of sporting clubs to our communities. 

    1h 23m | Aug 8, 2023
  • Premium Episode 59 - Walkin' Lawson - GC CSA - Trumpster Indicted (again) and ACMA (SAMPLE)

    Here's a preview of this weeks premium epiosde. From as little as five bucks a month! Don't make me get all weird and shame you like Dave Oneegs does - if you can't afford it, you just need to like want it more. Winners grindset bro.

    If any of you are missing out because you're actually broke drop me a line and I'll send you a file. It's the honour system so don't tell me fibs!

    Enjoy the free snippet!



    Lots covered this week but it's not all fun. There's a CW/TW at the front of the show for people who find CSA a bit much to handle. Feel free to get in touch with Jack if you have issues around this. You guys know the drill.

    So our homegrown Forrest Gump is still walking. He's a bit sore, but STILL GOING which, to be honest, gives me a begrudging respect for the walking STI that is Matt Lawson. Sure, he's doing this for narcissistic affirmation but damn son he's done pretty well for an idiot in kmart shoes that suddenly decided to do a 1600km walk. Bless him and his (hopefully) cotton socks.

    Next up is the horrific case of a man charged with over 1600 counts of child sex abuse on the gold coast. This is almost certainly a fraction of what he actually comittted and Jack discusses what kind of a sociopath could manage to pull this off and other instances of police intervention in CSA matters. It's a bit brutal though so seriously feel free to tap out on this one.

    Trump is indicted on Jan 6 and Jack brings his excellent perspective on that one and we revisit ACMA after Jack takes another glance at the bill.

    11m | Aug 4, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 38 - Misinformation Matters

    The Two Jacks argue over the Albanese government's proposed misinformation bill. JTI explains the background to Sydney's bloody gangland war.

    The coup in Niger threatens to turn violent with the country's neighbours imposing sanctions and closing border.

    South Africa veers further into a gangster state. In sport, the Matildas move into the qualifying rounds with a 4-0 win over Canada, playing to huge TV audiences.

    The Ashes wraps up even stevens after two months of great cricket. 

    1h 33m | Aug 2, 2023
  • Tinfoil Tales - EPISODE 19 - Sound of Freedom

    Note from Joel: We love hosting TT on our feed because the girls are absolutely part of the TCRP family. But if you get it from their feed it helps bump them up the itunes/podcast charts and become a force of their own. They regularly beat us! Feel free to grab it here but search for 'tinfoil tales' on your podcast app to get it from the source.

    Also, this episode kicks arse. Everyone's fawning over the QAA take but this has stuff they didn't cover. Important stuff. It's very, very good.


    *This episode comes with a SPOILER ALERT!

    Grab your popcorn... Let’s talk about Sound of Freedom.

    SOS and Sandee take a look at the movie that’s sweeping the freedom world - is it any good? Who loves it? Who thinks it’s a psyop?

    And more importantly, who’s Tim Ballard, and why’s he got so much money?

    Follow us on Twitter/X at:

    SOS (@SOS149) / Twitter

    sandee (@sunnysandeel) / Twitter

    50m | Jul 30, 2023
  • Episode 138 - MEGA FREEDOM

    It's time to tell the tale of MEGA FREEDOM where Donna puts on a freedom fest and people use this newfound agency to not turn up.

    Did they go to Bello Markets or is there something more sinister (pointlessly dramatic) at play?

    Either way - it was shit. But the strong presence of The Light newspaper (sorry, truthpaper) is a very interesting sign of what's to come.

    Big thanks to Isaac, Jess and Georgia who made this possible!


    1h 23m | Jul 30, 2023
  • Episode 137 - Commonwealth Games - ACMA Combatting Misinformation Bill - PETE UNCANCELLED

    It's a news week this one - and it's time to bitch about Dan Andrews. Should he be jailed for cancelling the commonwealth games? Well, according to some. The call to cancel the games was a good one, but was it for reasons he kinda created? Sorta? Maybe. Kinda. Yeah.

    Maria Zee thinks the money will be spent elsewhere. What she says is fun and totally reasonable.

    Then we move on to the ACMA combatting misinformation and disinformation bill 2023. Will this result in people being thrown in jail for going against 'the narrative' (whatever that is)? No.

    The cookers, including our cooked senators (you know who I mean) are up in arms about this disinfo bill for reasons that aren't in the bill. If you're surprised by this then you're not paying attention. The bill is ironically necessary for a lot of the takes on telegram but also somewhat ironically those takes which are absolutely disinformation wouldn't pass the bar set in the legislation to be actionable by ACMA and/or the courts.

    And then Pete gets uncancelled by Kyle and Jackie-O who did literally no research on why he was cancelled before he came on. Old Parachute Pete gets another free pass and a bunch of promotion for his evolve retreats. Great!

    Last but not least, huge thankyou to everyone who has donated so far to the vanuatu fund.

    For those late to the party, here are the details...

    BSB 013 711. a/c number 151445656

    Or donate on GoFundMe at


    Fundraiser will continue for a couple weeks and we've had some very big generous donations coming in - but a few bucks, even a fiver or a tenner will help make a difference. Thanks legends!

    1h 22m | Jul 25, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 37 - Commonwealth Games Nixxed

    Victoria will not host the Commonwealth Games in 2026. The decision had to be made as costs were always going to be extraordinary but is it a sign of a government out of control or perhaps being controlled centrally?

    The Fadden by-election - does the result mean anything? No.

    The Voice is on shaky ground according to polls.

    Speaking of Poles (sort of), Poland is emerging as a significant military power since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    Meanwhile in sport, rain washes away England's salty tears as Australia retains the Ashes. 

    1h 27m | Jul 24, 2023
  • Episode 136 - How's it Prigozhin? - The Wagner Group

    This episode was recorded after Joel spent eight hours on a train heading up to Coffs for Mega Freedom. He clearly spent most of it drinking.

    Jack manages to stop the entire podcast being about comparing Dimitry Utkin's penis to Hunter Biden's and the jury is out on whether that's a good thing.

    The recent insurrection in Russia by the Wagner PMC and their founder Yevgeny Prigozhin has prompted a lot of curiosity about the group. We have a look at their purpose and past as pillagers of poor nations and perpetrators of war crimes.

    And don't forget to give early and give often to Rob's mate Joe in Vanuatu.

    For those who don't like GoFundMe getting a cut, here's the bank details:

    BSB 013 711. a/c number 151445656

    Or donate on GoFundMe at


    1h 17m | Jul 18, 2023
  • Tinfoil Tales - EPISODE 18 - Suspended Dr. Billy Bay... At large!

    In this episode, SOS and Sandee delve into the antics of audacious doctor William Bay, who fell down the rabbit hole and threw away his medical career for the cause of "freedom" from vaccines and for his new-found love of God (and he really loves the attention!).

    So. Much. Winning!!!

    But how far is he willing to go?

    You can follow us on twitter at:

    SOS (@SOS149) / Twitter

    sandee (@sunnysandeel) / Twitter

    Dr Priya can be found here:

    The Veg Doc (She/Her) Ⓥ (@thevegdoc) / Twitter

    And her Twitter Space chat as mentioned in the episode is here:


    1h 16m | Jul 6, 2023
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