Ep 047 | Code Red : The Truth About Anger

Season 4 | Episode 47
55m | Aug 21, 2023

Are you working a honest recovery program?

If so, it’s safe to say that your sobriety from the self destructive behavior that brought you into recovery has been hard earned. Working a honest recovery is not only mandatory for successful sobriety but also very demanding. An honest recovery forces us to be continually self examining ourselves through a magnifying glass searching for any areas denial could be hiding. One such area that sneaks its way into many people's recovery is anger.

For most of us, after years of successful recovery from what brought us through the door, we find ourselves struggling with anger that has somehow slipped in undetected. At first it seems normal because everyone struggles with anger. But soon after we find it to be a crutch for us to heavily lean upon when we can no longer lean on our old habit that we are sober from.

If this all sounds too familiar and you are struggling with anger in your sober and recovery journey, pull up a chair as Josh, Drew, & Palmer sit down and get uncomfortably honest about Anger and our response to it in our recovery, in our marriages, in our parenting and every other aspect of our lives.

The guys break down anger and look at it from different verses in the Bible to answer those common questions :

Is anger biblical?

Should we completely ignore anger or is it a healthy emotion that we need to control?

Does anger harm the health of our recovery resulting in poor sobriety?

And much, much more.

If you're struggling with Anger, just know your not alone and there is hope in overcoming it.

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