Ep 050 | Counterfeit : Weighing the Truth

Season 4 | Episode 50
36m | Oct 16, 2023

Originally Ep 050 was suppose to be "from the pit to glory" with Jonathan Clark sharing his story, but since we are still having computer issues and cannot release that episode, check out this spare episode that has been sitting in the Unashamed Recovery vault.

On this episode, the guys sit down with Amber Thomison of Strong Towers Recovery once again but this time to talk on how we can weigh the truth.

In early recovery, it's easy for us to fall victim to all the lies that are coming at us from every direction. How can we avoid these pitfalls and steer clear of the lies that are dressed up as "almost truths" or counterfeits of the real truth?

We have to weigh everything against scripture.

But how do we do that?

Well good question, and that's exactly what Amber is walking us through on this episode. As someone who was a non-believer most of her life, Amber's walk with Christ didn't start until her recovery journey when she found the truth.

Get out your bibles, get out a notebook and a pen and dig in with us on this episode as we explore how we can weigh the counterfeits against the truth.

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